Monday, March 19, 2012

Party Planning | Game Night Fun

Thought I would share a few fun features of our Games Night Gathering...

White Flowers with checker pieces and playing cards in the vases.

Game boards and dart board as centrepiece. Red, Black and Yellow Candy.

Game pieces and pencils on game board as decor.

Card theme plates, napkins and table cloth & white and red cutlery.

All different sizes and heights of glasses.

Playing Cards on the stemware to help guests identify which glass is theirs.

Sewn together playing cards to create a garland.

Game Boards as trays on ottomans.

Stack of boardgames on side table to add to the decor.

Black, red and yellow candy (to match the 'playing card' colour scheme).

Domino Brownies.

Dart Board Taco Dip.

A few more things I did but didn't take photos of:

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels.

Sandwich Checker Board - Tuna on Whole Wheat & Egg Salad on White Bread with cherry tomatoes and black olives as 'checkers'.

Cranberry & Ginger-ale Punch.

Chocolate Dipped Oreos - Mine were standing upright.

We Played 'Wits and Wagers' in couples | Great Game

See more 'Game Night' Ideas that I Pinned HERE

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