Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Antique Nursery Finds |

It is getting so hard not to get started on the nursery for our little one.
We are only ONE WEEK away from our gender reveal ultrasound!!

I had a midwife appointment today and I heard our sweet darlin's heartbeat again today!  After the appointment I stopped into the Antique shop to do a preliminary sweep for items that would work well in either a little boy's 'Western' theme nursery OR a little girl's 'Sweet Antique Peach' nursery.

Here are a few of the finds:

 Some of the Western finds include: 
1. An awesome 40/50s 'Rodeo' poster that is a target for a suction bow and arrow toy.
2. A cute vintage red side table for only $20.00!
3. A three horse ceramic napkin holder that could be used simply as a shelf decoration (or to hold something).
4. Great quality leather bookends with a cowboy/rodeo rider on them.
5. A cowboy playing card set (could make a collage out of all the different cards in the pack and then frame it for wall art).
6. A cute handmade wooden horse and cart.
7. A neat vintage cow toy.
8. A limited edition wagon bank, still in the box.
* I also got the idea of using old Hardy Boy books as decor in the room as they have icon bright blue spines and interested covers!
* There were also a lot of cute wooden crates that would work well for extra storage bins for toys, diapers etc.

Some of the items I found that would work great in a little girl's nursery include: 
1. A super cute soft yellow tea pot with white cherry blossoms on it.
2. A whole shelf full of adorable ceramic 'nick-naks' all in soft pastel colours (my favourites were the birds).
 3. A cute round, pastel coloured Peter Rabbit tin.
4. An adorable water colour painting of a little girl eating a peach (would go great with the 'Peach theme' nursery).
5.  A box of ceramic Cupie Dolls all really cute poses (would look cute in various places on a shelf).
 6. Adorable pink ceramic shoes! I just think they are precious!
* There was also a little white wicker rocking chair and some great embroidered items that would look great on shelves or framed as art for the room.

I can't wait until I can actually go an choose some of these items for the room once we find out what we are having! :D

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