Friday, July 8, 2011

My Water Garden |

I really wanted to have a small water feature on our deck as I love the relaxing sound of trickling water.

I looked up a lot of different tutorials and ways of making a fountain but a lot of them looked a little to involved, required tools that I didn't have, and were overall a bit too complicated for me, I just wanted to keep it simple.

So I purchased this lovely green terracotta pot at a local garden centre, (I even waited to get it for 60% off!) It had a small hole in the bottom for drainage to I also bought a tube of silicon and simply put a piece of tape over the bottom of the pot where the hole was an filled it with silicon.

I then purchased a simple 100amp pond pump from Rona that came with two different fountain nozzles - Bell and Trumpet. (Any higher amp would be too much, but a 50amp might also work depending on the size of the pot you have).

We placed two bricks that we had around the house in the bottom of the pot to place the pump on to make it the right height.

I then found 'Water Lettuce' which is the plant inside the water garden, for very inexpensive at another local garden centre.

You could also put a few feeder fish/gold fish in your water feature, they not only make it look nice and add to its style, but they also eat any misquotes that may try to use your water garden as a hatchery.

It was a really simple project and now we have the water garden on our deck that is lovely to listen to as we eat dinner outside.

Total cost around $45.00

The Two Different Types of Nozzles:

"Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as the water from a fountain. Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible, nothing can surpass the fountain"
Lao-Tze, Ancient Chinese Philosopher

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