Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hair Flares | I'm a "Featherhead"

I got my hair done today at Skintreet here in London by Annette, a great hairdresser.

The receptionist had a 'Hairfeather' in her hair, and so I asked about them and the more I heard about them the more I liked the idea of having one in my hair too.

They simply tie around a few strands of your hair and are held in with a small bead. They can be washed, dried, flat ironed, curled etc. AND they will last for up to 2 months!

When I got home I looked into them and here is the official Featherhead website.

And below is a promo video for the feathers along with a few pictures of how mine looks.

Fine Featherheads Presents: a Tea Party from Fine Featherheads on Vimeo.

They also put 'Hair Tinsel' in a number of the girls hair while I was there and it is also a really nice look. It adds a little bit of subtle sparkle to your hair when the light catches it.

Here is the official Candian Hair Flares website.

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