Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ice Cube Tray Treats | Kids Party Planning

Ice cube trays aren't only for ice anymore!

They also make a great serving dish for yummy treats while also keeping portion sizes small.

Wouldn't it be fun to have a buffet table of treats at your child's birthday party, giving each child their very own funky coloured ice cube tray so that they could fill each slot with a different item of their choosing?!

OR why not give each child their very own ice cube tray full of various sundae toppings so that they could decorate their very own sundae with a little bit of everything!?

Continue the theme by giving each child an ice cube tray full of fun craft supplies and allow them to be creative with all of the materials! This way each child gets the same amount of craft supplies and there are no arguments over who used too much glitter!

Check out these fun shaped ice cube trays HERE

Or get these trays with shaped slots at IKEA

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  1. These ice cube trays are awesome. The ice cubes come out so easily. The square shape sits nicely in every drink I've put together. The lid doesn't always stay on, but honestly I don't mind because the ice cubes are so awesome and easy to get out. I'd recommend it to anyone at


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