Friday, November 5, 2010

Buttons Are Treasure |

I have always been fascinated by buttons! My mom always kept her buttons in a ‘Royal Margarine’ plastic container and I loved to open it and dump it out playing with the buttons and organizing them, trying to decide which was my favourite! They were such treasures to me!

Over the past few years of living on my own I have tried to start my own collection of buttons. I would save the any buttons that fell off me clothes (in case I ever got around to mending them) and I would also save the extra buttons that came with the new clothes I would get. But even after saving buttons for 5 years I only have about 15!

At my slow rate it really makes me wonder how grandmas and moms can have such large collections of buttons. Buttons definitely must be an item that gets passed down through generations. I guess that enhances my argument that buttons are indeed “treasures”.

Due to my lack of a collection I was SO THRILLED when a friend from back home gave me a beautiful jar of buttons! She he seen them at a garage sale and although she loves buttons herself she could not think of a place where she would put the jar in her own home. So she thought of me knowing that it would be something I would like and that the jar would look lovely in our new home (Thank you SO much for thinking of me!)

So now I have inherited someone else’s treasure of buttons and will add my own collection of 15 buttons to the mix!
Maybe one day my children will have fun sorting through them or even making crafts out of them! I just love my new collection of buttons, I am truly a rich woman!

The Button Jar:
A coat with just one button isn't warm.

1 comment:

  1. :) Glad you're enjoying them. Love your thoughts about your future generations playing with them too. So neat.


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