Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Tree Makeover |


With Halloween over I am already getting excited about Christmas!

Being in our new home this year I have begun to think what we are going to do for a Christmas tree this year.

It got me thinking about how you can give any tree a 'makeover'!
Here are a few inexpensive ideas that will change up your current Christmas tree and give it a whole new feel!

1. Instead of the classic Christmas tree skirt this year, why not place your Christmas tree in a basket or a metal pail? Not only is this a nice casual and rustic look, but it also doubles as a cover for the water bucket that your tree is sitting in.

2. Set up in a new location! Placing your tree in a new spot in your home such as the dinning room, the kitchen, the foyer or any where different in your home gives your tree a whole new feel, and will make your Christmas celebrations feel different by gathering with your family in a new space in your home.

3. Make some new inexpensive ornaments for your tree by using fruit! Dried orange sliced look lovely as well as hanging apples and pears. Placing cloves in the fruit also add to their beauty and make the room smell lovely!

4. Instead of a classic star or angel topper for your tree this year why not try sticking branches in the top of the tree for a 'foresty' and natural look.
Go on a family walk in the country to collect these branches to make it a memorable event!
Collect some pine cones while you are at it and stick them in the branches to add to the natural flare.

5. Do you usually buy a natural tree? Well for the same price as one natural tree why not buy three mini artificial trees? Who says you have to have ONE Christmas tree. These cute rustic pines would look great in a display with each tree on a different level. Decorate them all to coordinate, or decorate each in a different style of colour scheme.

Hope you have fun choosing, decorating and setting up your Christmas tree this year!


  1. You're not even going to believe this, but one year... me and my boys decorated a tumbleweed. And that was our tree.

    Long story but.... ha

    It's hard to get into a true Christmas spirit without a tree.
    These are great ideas!

  2. WOW A Tumbleweed! You really though outside of the box! You should totally post pictures if you took any!

  3. Oh, well that was in the middle '90's so I don't have a photo. :0(
    I should have taken one. We were out in the middle of NOwhere in New Mexico for two years. At first we were feeling pretty poor... but then we got the giggles over it.

    I guess you just have to really get creative sometimes. Darn, I should have taken a photo! :0)

  4. Very funny! It made a good memory to look back on! if you had a regular tree that year you might not have remembered.


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