Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Creative Christmas Cookies |

I LOVE Christmas baking, and this year being that I won't be in exams leading up to Christmas for the fisr time in 5 years, I hope to have more time to bake a number of different things.

In the past I have made 'Reindeer Cookies' unsing graham crackers as the head but I came across a similar cookie that uses these peanut shaped cookies for the head and thought they were so cute. So I hope to find cookies like these somewhere (I'm thinking that might be a US treat though?) but if you have ever seen them in Canada let me know.

I will probably use chocolate chips for the eyes and a sweedish berry for the nose (as that's what I used last time and they looked cute!)
I also want to do a lot of sugar cookies. I usually just do the basic icing (in different colours) and then put sliver ball sprinles on them. However this year I would like to try my hand at piping! And I really like the pastel colours like in the picture below.

I also want to use coconut on my sugar cookies. I will use white coconut on the snowmen and snoflakes and then I will die some coconut green for the on the trees (to make them look like pine needles). And then I would even use for for trimming / fur on the stocking cookies and for feathers on the angle wings. I think the coconut will bring a nice dimension to the cookies as well as a yummy texture.

I might also make my 'snowman cupcakes' again this year. they were a big hit with the kids at our family Christmas party. They too use coconut and are very easy to make. I simply made plain vanilla cupcakes with white frosting, then I dunked them in a bowl of coconut to make them look snowy. Then I used a Christmas coloured candy corn for the nose and chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth. I then glued a ribbon around the base of the cupcake to make it look like a scarf. This year I might even try sticking pretzels in in sides of the cupcake to look like the snowman's arms.

Picture of my snowman cupcake:

I would also like to try 'twist cookies' again this year. I made candy cane twist cookies a few years ago but they were way too big. This year I made try twisting the different doughs together in a straight/stick cookie (great for dipping in hot chocolates) and I will make them a lot smaller/thinner this time.

Candy Cane Twist Cookies from a few years ago:

Pictures of my 2010 cookies to come!

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