Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paper Flowers |

I am decorating for a friend's upcoming baby shower!

She decorated her baby's room in pinks and purples so that is the inspiration I took for the theme of her shower.

While at Michaels I picked up various pink and purple items thinking about how they could come together for centerpieces.

I decided to make flower pots and so once I got home I looked up 'How to make paper flowers' as I thought they would compliment the supplies I had already purchased.

I came across this You Tube Video that showed how to fold paper in order to cut out a flower shape. I did not follow the rest of her craft idea, I simply used her method of cutting out flowers.

I made three different sized flower shapes (following her method) for each flower that I made. I then crinkled some of the layers with my paper crinkler as well as frayed some of the edges to give them personality.

I then overlay the three different sized flowers (that were all made out of different coloured/patterned scrapbook paper) and I glued them together, gluing a button in the centre of each flower as well, giving them a cute whimsical look.

I then glued the paper flowers onto foam flower shapes that I bought in a pack at Michaels.

I double sided the foam flowers (as these centerpieces will be on round tables with both sides being seen) and I placed fabric baby stickers on the 'back' of the flower, I found these cute stickers at a local dollar store.

I used purple feathers to look like the leaves of the flower and I used a wooden skewer as the stem of the flower. I stuck the skewer into floral foam inside the little purple pail and then I covered the foam with the pretty pink basket stuffing.

I then glued on a "It's a Girl" ribbon around the pail along with a little bow of ribbon.

Overall I think they turned out really cute, and they really have a cute 'baby girl' shower flare to them!

It was really fun to make the paper flowers and they look really nice. I am thinking about starting to offer them as 'boutonnieres' for people's weddings. They would really be unique and custom looking and would be more cost effective then buying real flower boutonnieres.

Here are some photos of how the centrepieces turned out!

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