Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Centrepiece |

This year I made two nice centerpieces for my Mom and Mom in Law!

They turned out really nice and were really simple to make, so I thought I would pass on some photos and instructions!

I ordered 10 white rose along with 'winter greenery'. Seen here are cedar branches and baby's breath and I also used holly branches that I had growing in my own garden and they added a nice dark green accent to the arrangement.

I used a piece of floral foam which not only helped create the shape of the piece but it also took up some space in the centre of the vase so that it took less cranberries to fill it.
Be sure that you cut your foam in a long tall piece so that you cannot see it from the sides of the vase (as the cranberries will need space around the foam).
* Be sure to soak the floral foam overnight in order that it soaks up enough water so that there are no dry spots within the foam. Cut the foam to the size that you will need before soaking it overnight so that your piece is sure to be fully soaked.

Then, fill each vase with cranberries. Be sure wash the cranberries and pick our an spoiled berries before filling the vases.
Tie a ribbon around your vase if you wish.

Next, begin with the greenery / filler and place it around the base of the floral foam to fill in the bottom of the arrangement and be sure to cover all of the floral foam so it does not show through when looking down at the plant.

Next, arrange your roses / florals. I chose to do 5 roses in each piece, I placed the 4 outside roses at the same height and then placed the centre rose above the rest.
White Gerbras, carnations or hydrangeas would also look nice in this type of arrangement.

Here is the final arrangement. I created two different types. One that is more of a centrepiece (being equally arranges on all sides) and I created more of a mantle piece arrangement that faces the front (i.e. higher greenery in the back and sides).

Close up of the vase / ribbon and cranberries.

The two arrangements.

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