Thursday, January 20, 2011

Personalized Valentine's Day Greetings |

It is easy to personalize your homemade Valentines cards by using vintage valentines that have special meaning for the person you are giving the greeting to.

Simply search in google for 'vintage valentines' cards for inspiration OR search for specific themed valentines cards that fit the personality of the person you are making the card for.

The simply print out the vintage valentine and make a greeting out of it using card stalk, ribbon, stickers, glitter or whatever you have in your craft draw.

Here are a few of my personalized finds to inspire you:

For my Husband who LOVES Steak:

For my Mom who works as a Special Constable:

For my Dad who loves Sci Fi:

For my friend who has a new found love of Crocheting:

For my Grandma who Loves to Sew:

For my friend who is a hair dresser:

For my In-Laws who are farmers that grow corn:

For my friend who I always have tea with:

For my Brother who loves fishing and drumming:

For a photographer friend of mine:
& for a friend who is never without her cellphone:

It is that easy to send really cute, vintage and homemade Valentines that are personalized to your friends and family!

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  1. I love these old style Valentine cards. I remember receiving some of these ones in my youth. I used to save all my childhood VALENTINES CARDS, All Occassion & Holiday Cards from people. THANKS for the memories.


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