Friday, March 25, 2011

Helmet Head |

As the weather has been warming up I am getting excited about being able to bike on the awesome trails in the park, along the river and through the city!

However, I have been dreading having to wear a helmet, but I may have found an awesome solution to the classic case of Helmet Hatred!!!

I was just watching TV (The show 'Cash and Cari') and Cari was wearing the cutest helment ever!

So I did some 'research' online and found that the helmet manufacturer of the helmet she was wearing is a company called 'Yakkay' and there are two Toronto location that sell their helmets: Curbside Cycle and 4th Floor Distribution.

They are SO cute - but also carry a hefty price tag ranging from $160-$175. You can even purchase additional 'covers/style' to change the look of your helmet.

Pretty neat - but I was hoping to get a used bike for $50-$75 let alone paying double that for a helmet!!!

So it looks like I will still be wearing a dorky plastic helmet with a purple and pink flame pattern on it and an 'areo-dynamic' shape costing $20.00 from Walmart - for a little while longer at least - Maybe I can ask for a Yakkay helmet for a Birthday/Christmas gift??

Here are just a few of the options they have available:

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