Friday, March 25, 2011

The Green Party |

Now before you think this post is going to be about the political "Green Party", (and if you know me personally you know I am NOT a political buff at all) rest assured this post IS about HOME Decor and is BIRTHDAY PARTY related.
I am planning a 26th Birthday for my husband that is going to be a backyard family BBQ and I decided to make the theme 'GREEN'!

Since this spring/summer is going to get super busy for me with work, and since all of the outdoor/patio items are already coming out in the stores, I decided to put together my plan and gather my items now so that the party is all ready to go!

Here are some of the things I will be using / making to make the party fun, fresh and GREEN!

- The DECOR -

I got 5 different sized green lanterns at JYSK - I am going to hang them in the trees with the Globe lights from our wedding

I got green and brown bamboo placements from Dollarama
Green Striped Napkins

I am going to make green party flags from scrapbook paper to hang around the deck

I may get balloons and if I do I will get green, brown and white groupings

I am going to get Green Paper Straws - Available on ETSY HERE

Straw Flags - I am making my own 'straw flags' with the name of each person at the party on them. Not only does it give their straws/glasses a custom flare, making them feel special, but it also eliminates the need for extra glasses or to wash glasses as everyone will remember which drink/glass is theirs!

Mason Jar Glasses - I ordered 1/2 pint mason jar glasses from for only .45 cents each! I will sit the straws with the name tag flags in each glass and set them all out on a tray.

A few of my mason jars on a mint green tin tray I got. You could even punch a hole or use a drill bit to make a hole in the top of the mason jar lid to stick the straw through. This would be a great thing to do for a kids party so that they didn't spill their drink.

DIY Party Tray - I made this party tray to match the party's decor - check out my post HERE on how I made the tray.

Green checkered table cloth and green plastic plates (Dollaramma) and a cute green cutlery set and 'Home and Garden' tin to hold the cutlery at Liquidation World

- The FOOD -

Green Lime Serbet, Lemmonade & Pineapple Punch - Recipe HERE
I am going to put the punch in my glass drink dispenser with Lime slices in it.

Green bean and potato salad - Recipe HERE

I am going to make a fruit salad out of ALL green Fruits (kiwi, green melons, green grapes and slices of Granny Smith apples)

I am going to have a platter of all green vegetables (Celery, baby cucumbers, green peppers, sugar peas and broccoli)

My Parent got me a retro cotton candy machine for my birthday - and you can use Kool Aid to tint the cotton candy to any colour - so I am doing to make green cotton candy!

I got these cute green and white food covers at Dollarama to cover all the trays.

I got this cute ketchup and mustard BBQ set and these hotdog holders and this outdoor napkin holder from Dollarama to use at the party! It will add to the BBQ theme.

- The CAKE -

My husband does not like Sweets so I am going to make him a 'Watermellon Fruit Cake' - Recipe HERE
I was going to simply give out waffle cone ice cream cones - BUT I came across these adorable BBQ theme cupcakes - So I just might make these for the rest of the guests who DO LIKE SWEETS because they are just too cute!

- Wish List -

I would love to get a couple green plastic Muskoka chairs. My mom got some a few years ago for under $20 from Canadian Tire I believe. So I am hoping there will be more this year!

I found this vintage green 'Hi-Bol' game that I thought would be fun for the party. We could set it up on the deck and people could play while dinner was cooking. It is like 'Skeet Ball' and it just looks so neat!

We will also be having a bocce ball tournoment!

I Hope our party doesn't make you GREEN with envy :D

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