Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweet Easter Treat Ideas |

I posted the other day about Easter Items that I made last year and today I searched 'Easter Treats' hoping to find something new to make this year to take home for Easter.

I found a number of cute ideas that I thought I would share!

I came across this idea and thought it was a really cute way of displaying your Easter egg shaped sugar cookies. It would look so cute on the Easter table with the other food and would also act as part of the decor (until all the cookies were eaten of course).

This idea looks SOOO Yummy! It is 'Easter Bark' using multiple colours of chocolate swirled together with mini eggs and other Easter treats throw into the bark. Recipe HERE.

This is a cute and simple Idea - Rice Krispies molded into Easter Egg Shapes and then decorated! Recipe HERE.

Sweet little Peeps in Chow Mein Noodle Nests sitting on their Mini Eggs! Recipe HERE.

I thought at first that these nests were like 'Haystacks' one of my favourite cookies. But it turns out they are made of coco and shredded wheat. Recipe HERE.

They look cute in Cupcake wrappers too!

They would look cute in these 'Spring Grasses' Easter Cupcake wrappers - sold HERE.

Or these really neat Nest Cupcake Wrappers. Sold HERE.These are a cute craft for kids. Ice Cream Cones made into Easter baskets filled with jelly beans with a licorice handle! Recipe HERE.

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