Friday, April 1, 2011

DIY Party Tray |

I am having a family BBQ this summer in honour of my husband's birthday and I wanted a three tier tray to stack some goodies in, and OF COURSE I wanted it to match the party's theme so I decided to make my own.

I found these cute plastic dishes at Dollarama and thought they would make a great three tier tray and the colours and patterns were great for an outdoor, green themed, party!

I simply purchased two small glasses to use as the separators but you can use anything tall and skinny such as candle sticks to separate the tiers and can even find them at thrift stores and paint them in the colour you need them.

I simply glued the top and middle dishes to the glasses using contact cement (also purchased at Dollarama). I chose not to glue the rim of the glasses to the platters so that the tray can come apart and be easily stored and washed.

SO for $5.00 I got a really cute party tray that matches my theme!

Supplies Needed:

Glue the dishes to the top of the glasses/candlesticks with contact cement.

The finished Product!

You could use glass dishes as well for more fancy indoor events.
Here are some other DIY Party Trays for more ideas

My friend Ellyse made this adorable tray below using tea cups and saucers!! Such a cute idea, and boy do those cookies look yummy too!

A Cute and Colourful Party Tray with Glass candlesticks used for separators made by 'The Crafting Chicks'
. They displayed Easter goodies on their tray! To see more images and their 'How To' check out this Link

Hand painted Glass trays found on the Tatertots & Jello Blog

A three tier tray also found on the Tatertots and Jello blog - Made using three spray painted plastic 'silver trays' from the dollar store along with thrift store spray painted candle sticks.

This three tier square tray is really neat too. I LOVE how they used Ice Cream Sunday glasses to separate the tiers. Check out more images and get the 'How To' on Just Sew Sassy's Blog.

These DIY Trays are really cute as they have vibrantly coloured trays, purchased at Target. Check out the post on The Speckled Dog Blog to see how they were made!


  1. Thanks so much for linking to my trays! Yours look great and I'm sure you'll get lots of questions about where you got them at the BBQ!

  2. Glad you don't mind the link! I LOVE how colourful yours are and I love the painted candlesticks - they really make your trays look 'professional' i.e. like the real thing :D

  3. Your tray turned out so cute. I love the colors!!

    Fun links! Thanks for featuring my trays!!! Have a super weekend!!!


  4. Your party tray looks fantastic and I liked the others too. I've got this linked to my cake stands post too today, well done!

  5. I've seen stuff like this on Pinterest but you took it up a notch. Love all these. So pinning this on my board. : )


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