Thursday, April 7, 2011

Creative Business Woman | Carolyn Hayes

Carolyn Hayes of Seyah Photography is a Creative Business Woman on a budget!

This post is an exciting feature for fellow photographers to read as gives us insight into Carolyn's studio setup and highlights the products that she uses to create some super cute, high end looks...on a budget.

Carolyn's photography set looks like it consists of very expensive flooring that would have taken a long time to create with high baseboard trim and fancy wallpaper, BUT below she describes how easy and inexpensive this awesome look is to create!

First lets take a look at a few of Carolyn's awesome photos taken using the backdrop setup she describes below:

Here are two adorable little girls in front of her backdrops:

And here is a sweet photo of
Carolyn's dog also in front of her great looking backdrop:

Here is how she does it!

A Description of Caroyln's Studio Setup:

My studio is a two room in- home studio that has only one room in use at the moment the other is in the process of being renovated. Once it is fully renovated my studio will have a customer bathroom and it's own entrance into the studio so customers don't have to go through our dinning room.

My Studio set up consist of backdrops hung in various way, two plain backdrops are hung with a pole and a chain from Henry's that makes it easy to pull up and down, the other backdrops I clamp to a pole that is attached to two stands, then the baseboard is clamped onto the backdrop and the floor is layed. My backdrops are paper an
d canvas. The plain black and white ones are paper and the fancy one's with designs that look like wallpaper and wood flooring are canvas. The canvus backdrops are very reasonably priced are from a company in the states. The good thing about canvas backdrops is they are durable and clean very easy, get a little messy during a newborn shoot you can just wipe them off, unlike paper and material backdrops.

I also use blankets as backdrops and also clamp them to a pole with the two stands. I am looking into getting some material to make my own backdrops a
nd also to make diaper wraps for newborn shoots. You can get small pieces of material from Walmart for under $10.00 and they are the perfect size just to tuck into newborns diapers during a shoot.

As for props, some of the props I order from Etsy, and the props that I want that are to expensive or look easy to make I simply make myself (sometimes with the help of my boyfriend) right now we are in the process of making a white picket fence for my
upcoming Easter shoots. I also make some of my own headbands.

Photography is one of the most fun and rewarding professions out there.

- Carolyn Hayes

Some photos of Carolyn's Studio Setup:

A pull back shot of the studio

Additional canvas backdrops rolled up easily for storage

Storage unit containing props and equipment for my sessions

As you can see, you can have a successful home photography business and you can put together really high end looks on a budget.

By making her own props/sets, by finding deals on backdrops that look like real wallpaper and flooring, and by having her office/studio in her home Carolyn has definitely done an amazing job of being a 'Creative Woman on a Budget'!

Thanks so much for sharing a 'behind the scenes' with us Carolyn!

Carolyn's photography business serves Hamilton ON and the surrounding areas.

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