Thursday, April 7, 2011

Creative Quilter | Debbie Lindsay

Debbie's work is the exact essence of my 'Creative Women on a Budget' post series because her quilting style is what she refers to as 'ScrapPileStyle'.

What exactly does this mean?
Well Debbie creates quilts and also designs and sells patterns that are written to assist quilters to create projects utilizing their leftover fabrics.

Debbie's work is impressive for several reasons:

1. One of Debbie's designs, the “Circa Charmer” (pictured below), was recently published in the Oct/Nov 2010 issue of “The Quilter” magazine. This quilt was designed with reproduction fabrics from the circa era and is a quilt style that would utilize a quilter's make a beautiful frugal quilt.

2. Debbie has an ETSY shop called
'Scrap Pile Styles Patterns'
where she sells her patterns and some of her DIY projects
sharing this style of quilting with others.

3. Debbie is currently working on publishing her new book "Quilting with Scraps" and she has gracefully shared the introduction to this book with us!
(Read this introduction at the bottom of the post).

Here is a description of one of Debbie's ScrapPileStyle projects:

Cabin Trails Placemat - Skill Level: Easy

This log cabin block placemat is simple and fun to make, with only strips to cut, assembly of this placemat is quick, as sections are cut to length as you attach them. Purchase pre-cut strips or dig through those remnants my detailed instructions will walk even a beginning quilter through all aspects of quilt making with specific instructions that teach how to make and attach your own binding using either square and mitred corners – A potential stash buster project!

- Debbie Lindsay

Why Debbie has a passion for this budget friendly DIY Style of quilting:

"I grew up in the scrap box of my mother’s sewing room, dressing up dolls, dogs and little brothers, completing my first quilt at 16.

A career in financial management, attending college, a family business, and three small children continually outgrowing clothes; piecing scraps together became a way of life. The art of fabricating treasured gifts from remnants became a passion. Wedding and baby quilts have become cherished gifts, each creation stitched with memories, prayers and love.

My lifelong passion of quilting and “making the most of” leftover fabrics inspired me to share this gift by providing patterns that appeal to quilters of every skill level. Simplifying the steps of the process with reference charts and instructions I walk quilters step by step, as they utilize the resources of their scraps, creating unique quilting projects – ScrapPileStyle."

- Debbie Lindsay

The Introduction to Debbie's upcoming book:

Quilting with Scraps...

A Scrap Management Resource with guidelines, techniques and interchangeable patterns.

Leftover fabric is described as: scraps, bits & pieces, a stash, remnants, leftovers, waste, surplus, extra, remaining, additional, excessive I prefer to think of them as essential potential thrifty projects. In todays go green world, making use of leftover material is not only appealing, but in keeping with the reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy. Women when faced with hard times found it a necessity to piece every last bit of fabric to create necessities. Fortunately today, most of us are not faced with such devastating hardships; we are however exposed to the adversity of rising costs and overflowing landfills. Learning to utilize leftover remnants is the art of being innovative, frugal and environmentally conscious, reminding us of our grandmothers words waste not, want not.

You will find a broad range of unique and exciting projects; small enough to complete in a reasonable time frame, but large enough to use up some of those highly treasured leftovers! The question becomes what can we do with these remainingexcessive pieces of fabric. This dilemma, in essence, was the inspiration that motivated me to put together a book with a unique selection of inspiring quilting projects that walk the reader through an assortment of interchangeable patterns with numerous variations as I demonstrate the potential in utilizing that untapped resource of scraps.

You will find this book an indispensable resource of guiding principles, interchangeable blocks, multiple layouts, finishing options and techniques along with strategies for organizing and integrating scraps into a variety of intriguing projects. Unique, as it guides quilters through the concept of creating their own pre-cuts and project packages. Charts for fabric calculations, binding estimates and guidelines for quilting “scrap pile style”, along with instructions for adaptable finishing and border techniques all clearly outlined for some 38+ quilting projects. From potholders, table quilts and cloths, placemats, pillowcases, front door decor, lap and crib quilts and my most popular “Block of the Month - Scrap Pile Style Quilts”, I’m sure you will find these and many more treasures to quilt out of those colourful, excessive leftovers from that ever overflowing corner in your sewing room.

"How do you ScrapPileStyle?"

Interested in ordering one of Debbie's patterns?

Click HERE to visit her Etsy Shop

Have a question for Debbie?

Email her at |

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