Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Greetings | What Easter Means To Me

Last year I used antique Easter Greetings to make cards for friends and family!
I just LOVE the beautiful images on these antique cards and I even found some that matched the personalities of the people I was giving the cards too.
Below are some of the images I used on the cards - I simply printed them out on card stalk and then glued them to the front of greeting cards.

The message I placed inside the card was:

"May the true meaning of Easter

fill you with: Gratitude, Purpose & Hope."

The reason I put this message inside each card is because Easter for me...

- Fills me with gratitude for what Jesus did for us, the event we commemorate on this holiday, his crucifixion and resurrection.

- It also fills me with purpose to share the gospel telling others about the price he paid for our salvation, healing and peace.

- And finally it fills me with hope because we know we have salvation through him and that we will one day be with him in heaven.

I used this vintage greeting to make a card for my dad since he likes old trucks.

I used this image for my mom's card because she loves Daffodils.

I gave this one to my husband's grandparents.

I used this one for my husband's family.

I used this image for my brother's card.

I used this image for my grandma as she has a painting just like it, and it reminded me of her when she was a little girl helping on the farm.

I gave this card to my husband as it has a 'couple' / honeymoon feel to it.

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