Monday, October 4, 2010

Floral Pumpkin Centrepieces


Looking for an easy and inexpensive DIY centre piece for your table this Thanksgiving?

& don't we all want an excuse to carve out an ewey guey pumpkin once a year?

It's simple:

- Cut a hole in the top of you small pumpkin (the hole size should reflect the numbers of flowers / amount of foliage you have)

- Carve out the insides of the pumpkin (Don't forget to save the seeds to make a tasty treat out of them!)

- Line the inside of the pumpkin with a few shakes of salt (this will preserve the pumpkin for a longer amount of time)

- Choose to use oasis (for a more formal arrangement) or a freezer bag full of water (for a more country loose picked look)

- Gather flowers from your garden and fall foliage (leaves, branches, soy beans, wheat etc.) OR if you are a city gal pick up an inexpensive assortment of flowers from your local grocery store or florist.

- If you choose to use oasis simply soak it in water and cut it to size to fit inside your pumpkin, arranging the flowers and foliage as you wish by placing it into the oasis.

- If you choose to use a freezer bag, simply fill it with water and place it inside your pumpkin, inserting your fall arrangement into the bag.
- Choose to add a little extra to your arrangement by adding a fall figurine (like the mini scarecrow or mini corn as seen in the photos) or add ribbon around your pumpkin or place it on a fall patter or a bed of leaves.

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