Monday, October 4, 2010

Fun with Fabric |


Fabric is definitely one of my weaknesses! It's very hard for me to pass by a pretty print without picking it up and admiring it!

SO I love when I have an excuse to actually purchase fabric for a project.

In my office I wanted to have lots of funky colour and texture, so I purchased cross stitch rings of all different sizes and stretched some lovely fabrics in them and hung them on the wall on either side of my bulletin board.

I purchased these fabrics while on our honeymoon in Huntsville at a little shop called 'Gone Quilting' and they are so pretty and vibrant!

Here is how the rings look on either side of my bulletin Board (which I also covered with a piece of fabric!)

Another idea is to hang the cross stitch rings at all different heights with long pieces of ribbon.

Hanging them from the ceiling over a desk will act like a room divider or handing them in a window will act like a curtain.

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