Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kitchen Love |

We are giving our kitchen a face lift.

The kitchen cabinets were still original to the house (50s style) and had a kitchy moulding on them. It was nice but did date them quite a bit.

But instead of tearing them down and putting up all new cabinets, we (or I should say my dad) is cutting out the middle of the doors and placing bead board behind them to make them into shaker style cupobards that will look like this:

We choose to paint them a colour called 'Eggshell Cream' that is an off-white colour as our refrigerator and stove are off-white.

And, I have always dreamed of picking out knobs and handles for a kitchen (weird I know) but we got to choose them a few days ago and we chose brushed nickle knobs for the doors and brushed nickle mustache handles for the draws. I also had found the white and yellow floral knobs at Michale's a few months ago. We are going to put them on the centre doors under the sink to add a little bit of charm to the cupboards.

We are also going to put bead board up on the walls to plate rail height. It will be painted the same colour as the cabinets. It will look something like this, but it will be a bit higher up the wall:

I also purchased wallpaper to go above the bead board (since the wall is already wallpapered it just makes this an easier option). Plus I DO love wallpaper, I just hate removing it.
I bought this wallpaper almost a year ago when we bought the house and I love its soft yellow colour and the off-white flowers that will match our cupboards.

Currently the backslash is a neutral beige tile. The only problem is that there are 'accent tiles' that have images of: Fruit Baskets, Trees and Pretzels... yes Pretzels on them.

SO we will probably cover that up with plastic tin, which is an awesome product that Benjamin Moore makes. The thin plastic sheets that are made to look like old fashion ceiling tin can simply be glued on over the existing tile.

Along with all our antique tins I think this kitchen will come together looking retro country, with a casual relaxed feel.

Shelf in our kitchen with our tins on it.
As well as the niche in the wall with our retro cook book and other retro items.

Tins Close Up:

Keep watching as I will definitely post photos once the face lift is complete!

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