Monday, October 4, 2010

Now my Tea will be Cozy |

This beautiful tea cozy was made by Anne in the UK who 'up-cycled' some old cross stitched linens that her 'Gran' had embroidered.

When looking for a tea cozy on Etsy I came across Anne's Shop 'AP Textiles' and I just couldn't resist ordering her tea cozy (even though I had four others that I was considering).

I just loved it for several reasons:

- Old things are made well
- Old things are made with love and care
- Old things being re-used are good for the planet
- Old things never go out of style
and most of all because
- Old things have a story

Anne said it took her awhile to convince herself to cut up her Gran's old linens to make something new with them, but she also said that her Gran would be thrilled to know that her old handiwork was "On its way to Canada".

Thanks Anne, I can't wait to receive it and to get years of use out of it!
I know it will make my tea pot feel really 'Cozy'!!

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