Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kitchen Ideas

1. Use inexpensive 'bead board wainscoting' not only on the cabinet doors, but on the front of the dishwasher! This would work great in our kitchen as the dishwasher is black and the stove is white.
2. Replace the cabinet doors under the sink with a curtain for old fashioned charm! :D

3. Make inexpensive shelves out of old re-purposed barn board / wood and use 'fret-work brackets' to hold the shelves in place.

Border and Wall Paper Options!

When going online to search for 'wallpaper options' I didn't think I would find much! I thought wallpaper was a ding art from. I knew that some 'fancy designers' were still creating 'high end expensive' wall paper, but in terms of inexpensive wallpaper I thought it was totally on the out.

But I found some great options on 'Discount Decorating' a website that serves Canada and the U.S.

View some of my favourite options further down the page!! I don't know How I'm going to pick! There are way to many cute options!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Us With Our New Home!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Our New Home!


On a November afternoon after looking at many homes, on multiple occasions Ben and I randomly came across this home on MLS. It was in Byron, and we liked Byron. We were strongly considering making an offer on another house just down the street from this one so we thought we would take a look at this home to use it as a comparable.


Upon arriving I had a really good feeling about the home, it was on a beautiful street, with huge trees and a school just down the street. It was two story, which I love, and it had a big paved driveway and a garage (something the other house we were considering did not have).


Upon entering the home I was super excited to see a staircase in the center of the front foyer...My dream!!


Through glass pane doors to the left was a formal dinning room! Another dream that I didn't think I would be able to have for a long time! And to the right, through another pair of glass doors, was a formal living room with a gas burning fireplace and room for a piano! I couldn't believe it!


Upon walking into the kitchen I was amazed at the size! It was big enough to have a table in it and it had cute old cupboards with lots of character and quaint details (such as shelves and molding)! The cupboards even had the same handles that were on my parent's kitchen cupboards growing up!


We walked past a small bathroom (a bonus having a main floor bath in these old homes) and into a 'Den'! They had recently put new french doors in the den so that they could access the back deck and it makes that room perfect for a photography office for me! Clients could come right up the back porch and into the office. Plus the bathroom is right next door so the clients would never have to walk through the house!


We then headed downstairs! Not only was their a big 'rec room' / family room, but there was also a large 'Man's Room' where Ben can have all of his stuff (Guitars, Amp, Computer, Weights etc)!


The basement also had a laundry/storage room with a brand new upright freezer too!
We then headed upstairs!


At the top of the stairs was an old farm house window that had been made into a mirror! I have ALWAYS wanted a home with a window like that and we had just seen one that was too far away from Ben's work that actually had a farmhouse window at the top of the stairs, and I was sure that it would never be something I could get! So it was just perfect to see it there and we negotiated it into the deal so that it will stay with the house!


There are three good size bedrooms upstairs, all with hardwood floors, and a bath (That is still straight from the 50s and may need an overhaul!) But its detail is quite remarkable!


When flicking on the light switch in the bathroom I suddenly felt warm, and I look up and started to scream!! There was a HEAT LAMP!! Another long time dream of mine!! I have always wanted one in my bathroom! The Realtor heard me scream and laugh and she came upstairs. I explained to her that I always wanted a heat lamp, and she told me that it was a gift that they had bought their dad one year. They had just bought him the light bulb and he had to figure out how to install it and get the electrician in!!


Another thing that was perfect about the house was that I had just finished saying to Ben earlier that day that I had always wanted to place a horseshoe on my front door, and sure enough, as we were leaving there was a horseshoe door knocker on the front door!!


I can't believe how perfect this house was for us!


I thank God for directing our steps to find it and for guiding us through the process.


We are truly blessed to have found something so perfect and to have had the help and support from both our families along the way!

Thanks SOO very much!


We LOVE our new home and can't wait to get started on our journey together!



OUR Search Process:

Searching for a place for our Fruitbowl....

"Kendel's House In Byron"



"Unit 44"

"The Malibu"


"Hat Lady"

"Spring Bank"
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The Before & Afters of our Home

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"Befores" - Images of our home when we bought it

In Front Of Our New Home!

In Front Of Our New Home!

Wish List For Our Home:

Wish List For Our Home:

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