Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kitchen Ideas

1. Use inexpensive 'bead board wainscoting' not only on the cabinet doors, but on the front of the dishwasher! This would work great in our kitchen as the dishwasher is black and the stove is white.
2. Replace the cabinet doors under the sink with a curtain for old fashioned charm! :D

3. Make inexpensive shelves out of old re-purposed barn board / wood and use 'fret-work brackets' to hold the shelves in place.

Border and Wall Paper Options!

When going online to search for 'wallpaper options' I didn't think I would find much! I thought wallpaper was a ding art from. I knew that some 'fancy designers' were still creating 'high end expensive' wall paper, but in terms of inexpensive wallpaper I thought it was totally on the out.

But I found some great options on 'Discount Decorating' a website that serves Canada and the U.S.

View some of my favourite options further down the page!! I don't know How I'm going to pick! There are way to many cute options!

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The Before & Afters of our Home

Home Improvements Slide Show

Click on the slideshow to open up a 'Gallery' mode where you can scroll through the images.

"Befores" - Images of our home when we bought it

In Front Of Our New Home!

In Front Of Our New Home!

Wish List For Our Home:

Wish List For Our Home:

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