Monday, March 17, 2014

Our New Home |

SO excited that the moving process is coming to an end soon. We get our new home on April 17th 2014!
We are so excited for this new adventure.
We looked at about 20-30houses total throughout the searching process. We saw this one at the open house (the house was very new on the market) and we knew another offer was coming in on it, so we made an offer the same day we saw! We didn't put in any conditions and we got it!
We went this past weekend to see it again and love it!
A few of my favourite things about it:
- Porch Swing
- Corner Tub
- Play Set
- Big Deck/Yard
- Veggie Garden
- Pantry
- Open floor plan
- 1/2 hour closer to family
- Backs on to Farmland
- ON an nice quite 'place' - cul-de-sac
- Double garage

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Winter Walk In The Woods |

I realized that if I wanted to get some photos for our Christmas Cards that NOW was the time! We are away next weekend and the following weekend is already December (where every weekend has something going on!!).  Plus with Shutterfly is having a 50% off sale until Monday so I thought if I can get everything done now it would mean savings!

I had already found the location I wanted to use for the photos on a walk one day. There were a few beautiful birch trees and  a pine tree behind them. We have a love for Birch trees that started on our honeymoon. So we makeshift planned our outfits (grabbing one of MY tamoshanters for Aderyn to wear and my hubby and I just wore our black coats & jeans).

Since we didn't have a photographer my idea was to have my husband take a photo of me holding Aderyn by the tree (so that he could get her to look/smile) then I took a photo of Ben by himself leaning on the other side of the tree. I then patched the photos together, matching up the tree bark in the middle, so that it looked like we were all in one photo together! Hopefully no one will be able to tell (unless of course they read my blog post hehe)! 

 I didn't have high hopes for how they would turn out, but in the end they are nice and will work well for our Christmas card!

Now to pick and design our Christmas cards from the hundreds of options!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Vintage | Photo Remakes

A few vintage photo remakes - SO Fun!!

My dad holding me, and then holding Aderyn at the hospital.

My mom and my brother at the back door the day I came home from the hospital, and Ben and I with Aderyn the day she came home.

Top: Me 3-4 weeks old (approx) - Bottom: Aderyn 2 weeks old

First Swing Rides!  Left: Me 1988, 7 months - Right: Aderyn 2013, 7 months!

Sitting in the playroom. Me 6 months, Aderyn 6 months.

Under the blankey! Top: Ben 16months - Bottom: Aderyn 8.5months

Happy girls. Me: 7 or 8 months - Aderyn: 8 months

My mom and I on a swing, she was 25 - Me and Aderyn on a swing when I am 25!

Baby's first Halloween - One month apart and my mo and I are 25!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our BOO-tiful Girl's First Halloween |

Aderyn was a Jar Of Baby Dills because daddy calls her 'Baby Dill' and 'Pickle Toes' - Then we dressed her in a warmer costume for going out to a few houses in the neighbourhood and she was a Little Miss Piggy Wiggy!

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The Before & Afters of our Home

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"Befores" - Images of our home when we bought it

In Front Of Our New Home!

In Front Of Our New Home!

Wish List For Our Home:

Wish List For Our Home:

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