Saturday, January 12, 2013

DIY Baby Wipes Compared to Store Bought Wipes |

Check out this Mommy Vlog I did on the difference between homemade baby wipes and store bought wipes. PLUS my recipe for DIY wipes below...

1 Tbls Baby Soap
1 Tbls Olive Oil
2-5 drops of tea tree oil
1.5 cups of hot water

Mix all ingredients together and pour over a half a roll of strong paper towel in a storage container. Let sit for 5mins with the lid on the container. Pull the cardboard tube out from the middle of the paper towels. Ready to use!

Gift Idea:
 Give a gift that keeps on giving! Package up a tub of DIY wipes for a shower present and include a 'recipe' tag with it, so that your friend can keep on making these great cost effective wipes at home!

Update to come - Once I try these DIY wipes out on an actual baby's bottom I will write an update on how well they work versus store bought wipes!
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In Front Of Our New Home!

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Wish List For Our Home:

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