Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Winter Walk In The Woods |

I realized that if I wanted to get some photos for our Christmas Cards that NOW was the time! We are away next weekend and the following weekend is already December (where every weekend has something going on!!).  Plus with Shutterfly is having a 50% off sale until Monday so I thought if I can get everything done now it would mean savings!

I had already found the location I wanted to use for the photos on a walk one day. There were a few beautiful birch trees and  a pine tree behind them. We have a love for Birch trees that started on our honeymoon. So we makeshift planned our outfits (grabbing one of MY tamoshanters for Aderyn to wear and my hubby and I just wore our black coats & jeans).

Since we didn't have a photographer my idea was to have my husband take a photo of me holding Aderyn by the tree (so that he could get her to look/smile) then I took a photo of Ben by himself leaning on the other side of the tree. I then patched the photos together, matching up the tree bark in the middle, so that it looked like we were all in one photo together! Hopefully no one will be able to tell (unless of course they read my blog post hehe)! 

 I didn't have high hopes for how they would turn out, but in the end they are nice and will work well for our Christmas card!

Now to pick and design our Christmas cards from the hundreds of options!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Vintage | Photo Remakes

A few vintage photo remakes - SO Fun!!

My dad holding me, and then holding Aderyn at the hospital.

My mom and my brother at the back door the day I came home from the hospital, and Ben and I with Aderyn the day she came home.

Top: Me 3-4 weeks old (approx) - Bottom: Aderyn 2 weeks old

First Swing Rides!  Left: Me 1988, 7 months - Right: Aderyn 2013, 7 months!

Sitting in the playroom. Me 6 months, Aderyn 6 months.

Under the blankey! Top: Ben 16months - Bottom: Aderyn 8.5months

Happy girls. Me: 7 or 8 months - Aderyn: 8 months

My mom and I on a swing, she was 25 - Me and Aderyn on a swing when I am 25!

Baby's first Halloween - One month apart and my mo and I are 25!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our BOO-tiful Girl's First Halloween |

Aderyn was a Jar Of Baby Dills because daddy calls her 'Baby Dill' and 'Pickle Toes' - Then we dressed her in a warmer costume for going out to a few houses in the neighbourhood and she was a Little Miss Piggy Wiggy!

Our Big Girl is on the Move |

Aderyn is almost 9 months. In the past week she has started pulling herself up to standing. She loves to walk around while holding mommy and daddy's hands. She is super fast at crawling now. The box she is climbing up on is a 'super yard/gate' box for that very reason!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Fall 2013 |

Our Little Artist |

Aderyn Joy's first creative art project. We made these paints out of condensed milk and food colouring! She was 8 months 1 day Old in these photos.

Fall Display 2013 |

Stack O' Gourds
View larger image HERE on my Instagram.

Friday, September 27, 2013

8 Month Update |

"Mommy Likes" | Nursing/Teething Necklace
Etno Mama Nursing Necklace by KangarooCare

Aderyn Says "Dadda" |

Aderyn will be 8 months old tomorrow and she thought it was time to finally say "Dadda". She has been saying "Momma" for a month and a half now, and finally Dadda gets to feel the warm fuzzys when he hears his name. What a smarty girl we have!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Aderyn 7.5 Months |

A Few Firsts |

First Train Ride / Visit to Appleland |

First Swing |

First Slide |

First Apple Slice |

First Restaurant High Chair |

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Aderyn Says "Momma" - 6.5 months Old

Today is the first day Aderyn said "Momma". (Aug 20th, 2013) Despite working hard since birth to get her to say "Dadda" she decided to honor momma with that privilege! What a smarty! I have a feeling we have a "Chatty-Atty" on our hands! *Says it best around 1.40seconds and Be sure to watch till the end (2.35second) where she exclaims "MOM!!" like a big girl!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Month 4-5 |

A lot of "Firsts" this month!

Our Family Silhouette |

Was so excited to make our family's silhouette! Aderyn is 4 months old in this silhouette image.
 Our family 2013!

I make these for other families, so it was awesome to make one for my own.

Get your family's silhouettes HERE.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Aderyn saying "Hi" |

Our Smartie saying "Hi" to daddy, Nan and Pop and Grams and Grandpa! She just can't wait to get talking! Only 14.5 weeks old!

Happy Birthday Daddy |

Canada Day 2013

Excited to celebrate our great country with Aderyn for the first time!  I thought it would be cute for Ben and I to be the red part of the flag, and Aderyn the white/leaf middle for Canada Day photos!!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Aderyn Months 3-4 | Slide Show

Month # 3|
Aderyn is learning how to press toy buttons, sit in her bumbo and "Talk" with mommy and daddy! Favourite words are "Pretty Pretty" and "Dada" and she loves when we sing the ABCs and read books! Just starting to shake rattles and put things in her mouth! Mommy's favourite is saying "where's the pretty baby?" every morning in the mirror, and then when Aderyn sees herself mommy says "There she is!" and Aderyn smiles Big!! So Special! Said her first word "HI" at 14.5 weeks old! Loves 'standing' and trys to sit up on her own, thinks she is a BIG girl, but can't quite do it by herself yet

Month # 4 | 
Aderyn is loving the outdoors now that it is Spring! She loves to look at the robins, flowers and leaves outside. She is starting to try to sit up on her own and loves to 'stand' with help. Maybe she will be sitting up all by herself by the end of this month?! She seems to be showing signs of teething...we shall see how this phase goes!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nursery Slideshow |

Photos of Aderyn's Nursery |

Aderyn's Nursery on |

Check out all of the details as well as more photos of Aderyn's nursery HERE on

Feel free to place your VOTE on the nursery and leave your comments!

A Few Photos of her nursery |

Aderyn's Nursery Tour |

Our Pretty Valentine |

Mommy Moment | It's not about Me Anymore

The other day I had another 'mommy moment'. A friend of mine commented, after seeing my baby for the second time, that she was "looking healthy"!! I realized that this was the greatest compliment I had ever received! I was filled with pride and happiness knowing that I had been taking care of my baby and that she was healthy and well! I realized that from here on in the greatest compliments I will receive will be about my children! It is not about me anymore!

Aderyn Joy Week Two:

Our Aderyn Joy |

Mommy Moment | I Offcially Feel Like a Mom!

The other day I did something that made me officially feel like a real mom! What was it you ask... it was as simple as licking my finger to wipe a milk smudge off my baby's face!! Instantly I felt like a real mommy!!  I am sure one day soon I will lick my finger to wipe something off her face and will be met with protest and embarrassment from her, so I will enjoy doing it while I can!

Her Sweet Cheeks 2 days Old!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

DIY Baby Wipes Compared to Store Bought Wipes |

Check out this Mommy Vlog I did on the difference between homemade baby wipes and store bought wipes. PLUS my recipe for DIY wipes below...

1 Tbls Baby Soap
1 Tbls Olive Oil
2-5 drops of tea tree oil
1.5 cups of hot water

Mix all ingredients together and pour over a half a roll of strong paper towel in a storage container. Let sit for 5mins with the lid on the container. Pull the cardboard tube out from the middle of the paper towels. Ready to use!

Gift Idea:
 Give a gift that keeps on giving! Package up a tub of DIY wipes for a shower present and include a 'recipe' tag with it, so that your friend can keep on making these great cost effective wipes at home!

Update to come - Once I try these DIY wipes out on an actual baby's bottom I will write an update on how well they work versus store bought wipes!
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The Before & Afters of our Home

Home Improvements Slide Show

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"Befores" - Images of our home when we bought it

In Front Of Our New Home!

In Front Of Our New Home!

Wish List For Our Home:

Wish List For Our Home:

Our New Home Songs |