Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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Photos of Aderyn's Nursery |

Aderyn's Nursery on projectnursery.com |

Check out all of the details as well as more photos of Aderyn's nursery HERE on projectnursery.com

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A Few Photos of her nursery |

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Our Pretty Valentine |

Mommy Moment | It's not about Me Anymore

The other day I had another 'mommy moment'. A friend of mine commented, after seeing my baby for the second time, that she was "looking healthy"!! I realized that this was the greatest compliment I had ever received! I was filled with pride and happiness knowing that I had been taking care of my baby and that she was healthy and well! I realized that from here on in the greatest compliments I will receive will be about my children! It is not about me anymore!

Aderyn Joy Week Two:

Our Aderyn Joy |

Mommy Moment | I Offcially Feel Like a Mom!

The other day I did something that made me officially feel like a real mom! What was it you ask... it was as simple as licking my finger to wipe a milk smudge off my baby's face!! Instantly I felt like a real mommy!!  I am sure one day soon I will lick my finger to wipe something off her face and will be met with protest and embarrassment from her, so I will enjoy doing it while I can!

Her Sweet Cheeks 2 days Old!

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The Before & Afters of our Home

Home Improvements Slide Show

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"Befores" - Images of our home when we bought it

In Front Of Our New Home!

In Front Of Our New Home!

Wish List For Our Home:

Wish List For Our Home:

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