Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby Shower Planning | Fishing Theme

This summer I will be helping to decorate for a friend's baby shower.

She is having a little boy and since her husband and her love fishing I decided to use that as the theme of the shower.

The two actually met at the camping grounds where they grew up on their summer vacations fishing, and their honeymoon was at a lakeside cottage where they fished as well. So hopefully this theme will not only be cute and fun but also meaningful for the couple.

Here are some of my ideas below for those thinking of doing a similar theme!


Blue, Green and Yellow are the colours for the shower - half of the tables will be blue and half green with yellow streamers for the accent.

I found blue plates and yellow napkins and I found a way to fold napkins to make them look like fish (watch the video below to see how to fold the napkins to look like fish)
This way I don't have to use 'tropical fish' napkins (as that is all I was able to find when serching for 'fish napkins') but now they will still fit the theme and be a really cute featuring sitting on everyone's plates.

I just finished making the centerpieces. They are tall vases with pebbles in the bottom (from Dollarama) and I glue ribbon around the top of the vases and tied twine around them as well. I will be putting a goldfish in each of the centerpieces and the green vases will go on the blue tables and the blue vases will go on the green tables.

I am going to try to get burlap to make squares to go underneath the centerpieces on each table.

I found this cute tissue paper confetti at Metro and will sprinkle it around the centerpieces along with a few pebbles sprinkled around as well.

I got a few packs of these 'Bathtub' fish toys from Dollarama to use as decor on the table and might even float one or two in the punch bowl.

I got a magnetic fishing pole and I have a big orange drink bucket that I will fill with water to create a 'Fishing for Advice' game to play at the shower. A few ladies will use the pole to pick up a fish and each colour of fish will have a corresponding question that asks the lady to give 'baby advice' to the new mom.I am also going to be making a banner that will be a fishing rod and then down the line I am going to spell the baby's name, and maybe have a fish on the end of the line as well.
The banner will hang above the gift table.

- FOOD -

My friend from Mill Street Cakes will be making the cake/cupcake stand and I came across this cute idea to use sand pails as the tier separators - so she is going to copy this idea when making her stand. The cupcakes will match the colour scheme and will have blue icing and yellow and green fondant fish cutouts on top of each cupcake. She also has come cute ideas for the top of the cake - should turn out SWEET!

I want to make a blue jello in a trifle dish and stick Swedish fish in it to make it look like a pond.

I thought of using sand pails as 'goody dishes' and want to put Goldfish Crackers in one pail and Swedish Fish in the other, then guests can scoop out their goodies using the shovels.
I also thought it would be cute to have a few 'Bait Cans' around with gummy worms coming out of them! I am going to make them by simply using a tin can with the label peeled of it and then use a label or a piece of tape to write 'Bait' or 'Can O' Worms' on them.

I am also going to recomend a 'Blue Punch' so that we can float the bathtub fish in it and make it look like a pond/lake. HERE is a really yummy blue punch recipe.

It would also be really cute to have Fish Shaped Sandwiches (using a cookie cutter to cut them out). You could even use Tuna and Salmon for some of the sandwiches to go along with the theme.


  1. Adorable!! You have so many creative ideas!

  2. What did you use on the cupcake stand to hold the cupcakes on? I see the buckets but can't tell what the cupcakes are sitting on?

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