Friday, December 23, 2011

2 Ingredient Truffles |

This year I am making Chocolate Truffles to give as gifts.

I found this super easy recipe for Two Ingredient Truffles on the Mom of All Trades Blog.

Here is a quick break down of the recipe:

The Two Ingredients:
- 1 Pkg of Chocolate Chips
- 1 Brick of Cream Cheese

- Let Cream Cheese soften for about 20mins in a bowl - cream/whip it

- Melt the Package of Chocolate Chips (in 30 second incriments so as not to burn it)

- Blend the cream cheese and chocolate together

- Use a spoon to scoop out small portions of the chocolate - drop them on a wax paper covered cookies sheet. (I was able to get 24 truffles from this recipe)

- Place the sheet(s) in fridge for about 1 hour.

- After the truffles are chilled and can be handled without melting take them out of the fridge and roll them into more of a ball shape.

- Then roll the truffle in a 'topping' of your choice.

The Toppings I Used:
- Coconut
- Walnuts and Pecans Chopped up
- Coco Powder
- Christmas coloured sprinkles
- Skor Bit Chips

Recipe Variation:
I also made a second batch using dark chocolate chips and I added in a 1/4 cup of crunchy peanut butter so that those truffles will have peanuts in them! A Yummy combination!

Wrapping the Truffles:
I got cute mini cupcake wrappers from Bulk Barn that are Christmas Theme and I also got nice see through red candy containers to arrange the truffles in. I will tie them up with ribbon and place a tag on each to give them as gifts.

Have a yummy Christmas Season!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

KO TWO Designs Featured in a Starbucks Wedding Shoot |

The Post is Up! The Wedding Chicks Blog picked up the photo shoot, put together by Blossom Events, that several of my designs are featured in.

Click HERE to see the blog post on The Wedding Chicks Website.

And Click HERE to view all of the items I created for the shoot in my Etsy Shop.

** Be sure to click on 'View Entire Gallery' at the bottom of the images to see ALL of the images.

Images from the post featuring my designs:

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The "Coming" Of Christmas |

I read a friend's blog post today and she mentioned advent candles. I didn't grow up lighting candles at home in commemoration of advent but we did of course have the classic chocolate calendars that my mom would get for us each year. My brother loved to yell down the hall each morning telling me what the image on the chocolate was of to spoil the surprise for me, I always loved to guess what the image on the chocolate would be first and then open the little door to reveal the chocolate waiting inside!

But today when I looked up 'Advent' I found that the word itself is from the Latin 'adventus' meaning "Coming". It reminded me of how important it is to celebrate the "coming" of Christ at Christmas, not only that he came to earth as a baby (the reason we celebrate Christmas) but that he is coming again which is definitely something to celebrate!

Instead of the classic 'advent wreath', or an advent calendar, I had the idea of placing 12 mini candles down the runner of the table and hanging a nativity ornament or tag on each candle (perhaps in the order of the Christmas Story) and then each night at dinner you could light one candle and read a portion of the Christmas Story (Separating the story into 12 different sections). That way on Christmas eve the last candle would be lit and the Christmas story completed. You could use traditional advent candle colours or something that compliments your dinning room. Then you could make the last candle purple (the colour of royalty to symbolize Jesus as King) or white perhaps - setting the last candle apart from the rest.

Since my table is already decorated this year I might do this next year - but I mocked up what it might look like (below) and also shared some images of nativity ornaments/tags that you could hang on each candle.

I can image how beautiful the table would be fully lit with candles and can image the excitement and anticipation that would come as each candle was lit and as the table slowly began to get brighter approaching Christmas. It would be a great family tradition and it would be a meaningful way to tie in the Christmas story at each meal leading up to Christmas as well - Counting down not to "Present Day" but to CHRISTmas Day!

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