Monday, January 31, 2011

The Bright Side of the Kitchen|

We finally finished the other side of the kitchen!!

We hung the wallpaper (a task that had my husband known how difficult it would be he may not have taken it on - thanks honey!!) and we put up the bead board and chair rail and painted it along with all the trim!!

Now all that is left to do is sew the valances, I purchased yellow and cream gingham to make the valances out of with my brand new sewing machine! Hopefully it goes well!

Wallpaper and bead board:
Breakfast bar table that my dad made us using old legs off the table that the house came with. It has wheels on one end making it easy to move around the kitchen.
Coner of the kitchen near the dinning room. The shelf shows off the tins nicley with its fresh coat of paint! And the antique wash stand now pops off the wall!
Now onto the next project... sewing the valances for over the kitchen windows! Hope it goes well!

Cupboard Side of the Kitchen:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paper Flowers |

I am decorating for a friend's upcoming baby shower!

She decorated her baby's room in pinks and purples so that is the inspiration I took for the theme of her shower.

While at Michaels I picked up various pink and purple items thinking about how they could come together for centerpieces.

I decided to make flower pots and so once I got home I looked up 'How to make paper flowers' as I thought they would compliment the supplies I had already purchased.

I came across this You Tube Video that showed how to fold paper in order to cut out a flower shape. I did not follow the rest of her craft idea, I simply used her method of cutting out flowers.

I made three different sized flower shapes (following her method) for each flower that I made. I then crinkled some of the layers with my paper crinkler as well as frayed some of the edges to give them personality.

I then overlay the three different sized flowers (that were all made out of different coloured/patterned scrapbook paper) and I glued them together, gluing a button in the centre of each flower as well, giving them a cute whimsical look.

I then glued the paper flowers onto foam flower shapes that I bought in a pack at Michaels.

I double sided the foam flowers (as these centerpieces will be on round tables with both sides being seen) and I placed fabric baby stickers on the 'back' of the flower, I found these cute stickers at a local dollar store.

I used purple feathers to look like the leaves of the flower and I used a wooden skewer as the stem of the flower. I stuck the skewer into floral foam inside the little purple pail and then I covered the foam with the pretty pink basket stuffing.

I then glued on a "It's a Girl" ribbon around the pail along with a little bow of ribbon.

Overall I think they turned out really cute, and they really have a cute 'baby girl' shower flare to them!

It was really fun to make the paper flowers and they look really nice. I am thinking about starting to offer them as 'boutonnieres' for people's weddings. They would really be unique and custom looking and would be more cost effective then buying real flower boutonnieres.

Here are some photos of how the centrepieces turned out!

Get Vintage with Ko TWO |

Like Vintage? Watch This |

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Personalized Valentine's Day Greetings |

It is easy to personalize your homemade Valentines cards by using vintage valentines that have special meaning for the person you are giving the greeting to.

Simply search in google for 'vintage valentines' cards for inspiration OR search for specific themed valentines cards that fit the personality of the person you are making the card for.

The simply print out the vintage valentine and make a greeting out of it using card stalk, ribbon, stickers, glitter or whatever you have in your craft draw.

Here are a few of my personalized finds to inspire you:

For my Husband who LOVES Steak:

For my Mom who works as a Special Constable:

For my Dad who loves Sci Fi:

For my friend who has a new found love of Crocheting:

For my Grandma who Loves to Sew:

For my friend who is a hair dresser:

For my In-Laws who are farmers that grow corn:

For my friend who I always have tea with:

For my Brother who loves fishing and drumming:

For a photographer friend of mine:
& for a friend who is never without her cellphone:

It is that easy to send really cute, vintage and homemade Valentines that are personalized to your friends and family!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Love is in the Air |

Valentines is on it's way!

This year I am going to be making a 'fruit bouquet' for my husband.

He is a very healthy eater and LOVES fruit and he also loves Dark Chocolate!

So I going to put together a bouquet using pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes and chocolate covered strawberries.

It will look something like this (hopefully) but I wont be using the green mellow - mine will mostly be pineapple flowers, grapes and strawberries.

Stay tuned for a description of how I made mine and for photos of how mine turned out!

I also hope to make valentine cards for friends and family this year using Vintage Valentines!

Here are a few 'Food' Valentines! Just looking at them puts me in the mood for Valentines Day and crafting!

My Business Is Getting A New Logo |

A New KO Two Logo is in the works!

Jill Mitchell is currently working on a new logo for KO TWO!

Below is a sneak peek of an early rough sketch of the logo!

Keep posted to see the final version of the new logo along with two new proof book covers that will be designed custom for KO Two Clients!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Fabulous Florist | Naturally Beautiful Floral Design


Looking for an awesome florist in the Niagara Region? Look No Further.
If you want a florist that will work with you to create beautiful and unique floral designs that fit your personality and style then Naturally Beautiful Floral Designs in the florist for you!
Naturally Beautiful Floral Designs is an event florist company with a modern and upscale appeal. Whether you require fresh or silk flowers, they will take care of all your floral needs for functions such as weddings, showers, corporate parties, or even just a simple party in your home!
Let Karen and her assistants at Naturally Beautiful use their design experience and talents to create an impressive and elegant feel for your floral arrangements.
Visit Naturally Beautiful's website by clicking HERE
Click on the slide show below to view a sample Naturally Beautiful's Floral Design:


Monday, January 17, 2011

Artist Feature | Jill Mitchell

Jill Mitchell is one of my favourite local Canadian Artists.

Many of her fun projects can be found on her blog and she recently opened an Etsy shop to begin offering her unique art to the public.

Jill designed a wedding map for me that was just amazing!

It brought all of the unique components of my wedding to life and added a custom whimsical feel to my invitations. (see map below)

Jill is currently designing a logo for my company as well as album cover designs for my client proof books and brag books.

If you are in need of custom design work with a very unique look Jill Mitchell is the artist for you!
She is very creative and can interpert your ideas in a unique and stylish way!

Here is a look at one of Jill's latest creations - Thank You Cards - Click here to purchase your very own from her shop.

Designs by Jill Michell

My Wedding Map Created By Jill:

Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Centrepiece |

This year I made two nice centerpieces for my Mom and Mom in Law!

They turned out really nice and were really simple to make, so I thought I would pass on some photos and instructions!

I ordered 10 white rose along with 'winter greenery'. Seen here are cedar branches and baby's breath and I also used holly branches that I had growing in my own garden and they added a nice dark green accent to the arrangement.

I used a piece of floral foam which not only helped create the shape of the piece but it also took up some space in the centre of the vase so that it took less cranberries to fill it.
Be sure that you cut your foam in a long tall piece so that you cannot see it from the sides of the vase (as the cranberries will need space around the foam).
* Be sure to soak the floral foam overnight in order that it soaks up enough water so that there are no dry spots within the foam. Cut the foam to the size that you will need before soaking it overnight so that your piece is sure to be fully soaked.

Then, fill each vase with cranberries. Be sure wash the cranberries and pick our an spoiled berries before filling the vases.
Tie a ribbon around your vase if you wish.

Next, begin with the greenery / filler and place it around the base of the floral foam to fill in the bottom of the arrangement and be sure to cover all of the floral foam so it does not show through when looking down at the plant.

Next, arrange your roses / florals. I chose to do 5 roses in each piece, I placed the 4 outside roses at the same height and then placed the centre rose above the rest.
White Gerbras, carnations or hydrangeas would also look nice in this type of arrangement.

Here is the final arrangement. I created two different types. One that is more of a centrepiece (being equally arranges on all sides) and I created more of a mantle piece arrangement that faces the front (i.e. higher greenery in the back and sides).

Close up of the vase / ribbon and cranberries.

The two arrangements.

My Year In Facebook Status | Riveting I know! :D

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sophie Girl |


Sophie is my parent's new puppy.

She is a Jack-a-poo - part jack russell and part poodle.

We went to pick her up on Christmas Eve this year and she quickly became a part of our family.

On the way to pick her up we came up with a list of possible names using my mom's blackberry to find inspirational names.

Some options were: Midge, Cloe, Darla and Daphne... but Sophie seemed to suit her best.

She quickly learned her name and quickly warmed up to everyone in the home including all of the holiday guests.

I call her "Sophie Sweetheart" and she truly is one!

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Latest Etsy Creation | The Mini Newspaper Program

I just finished designing a custom Mini Newspaper Program for a great bride from Philadelphia PA!

She had great ideas for her mini newspaper that made it truly unique! Her guests are going to love reading through the newspaper finding out information about the couple, how they got engaged, why they chose their wedding location, where they are going on their honeymoon and much more!
The newspaper will be a great compliment to the vintage 'Old Hollywood' theme of their wedding which will be hosted in "Old City" Philadelphia! The couple got engaged on Market St. in the "Old City" and therefore their wedding will be held at 'TRUST' an old bank building located in the heart of the 'old city' district which has now be converted into an art gallery.

It was great working with this bride to create a feature for her wedding that is truly custom and unique. Now she not only has an out-of-the-ordinary wedding program, but her guests will be entertained while reading the paper and they will also be able to take it home as a memento of the couple's big day!

Newspaper Back and Front:

Newspaper Inside program and article:

Like what you see? Want me to get started on creating a Mini Newspaper for your wedding? Click HERE
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