Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quick, Easy and Cute DIY Projects |

I found a few cute and easy DIY projects that I want to try soon and thought I would share:

Hankie Table Runner | I was recently given some antique hankies and I thought this would be a great use for them (since I don't plan to blow my nose with them) | Found HERE on Country Living

Multi Vase Flower Centre Piece | So easy to do and a great country cottage look. I would use a variety of vases and maybe even some mason jars putting the tallest vases in the middle surrounded by the shorter vases in the front | Found HERE on Country Living

Button Lampshade | I saw this DIY project in a book I got from the Library, but here is a photo of what they look like found HERE

Button Initial | I found this in Pretty Cute Pink's Shop on Etsy, but you can find the DIY instructions HERE | Very simple to do and would look really cute in a kids bedroom.

Lemon Strawberry Jar Cakes | Such a cute idea! Individual desserts served in mason jars | Recipe found HERE

Happy Crafting~!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Home County Folk Festival | 2011

Being my first year here in the city we decided to check out the Home County Folk Festival, and what made it even more of an enticing event was that my favourite artist, Hawksley Workman, was performing on Saturday night.

Here is a clip (not shot be me) of one of his songs from the night! A GREAT Concert!

Hawksley's Site

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shop Local...Online!

I think it is awesome to support local artists instead of buying from large main stream companies and chain stores. So I thought I would do a feature on a few cute local shops that I came across on Etsy. Shopping local is already close to home, and now it can be even closer by shopping local ONLINE, from the comfort of your home office / computer desk!

Here are a few of the neat local online shops I have come across |

London Ontario's Fancy Cuts - They sell adorable iron on appliques for baby's onesies, children's clothes and more! My favourite items are the iron on ties for on little boy's onesies and shirts.

London Ontario's Neck Candy Collars - A neat shop for pet owners who love to stylize their pets in hip and colourful collars. My favorites are the bow tie and flower collars!

Kitchener Ontario's Merrily - A shop that is everything Retro! I LOVE her 50's style aprons, they are very affordable and would be a great addition to a retro bridal shower gift.

Kitchener Ontario's Hawt Home -This shop has beautiful throw pillows in it that are made with funky and vibrant fabrics. They even do custom monograms and words such as 'love' and 'home' and even 'Mr. and Mrs.' pillows making them a great gift option for weddings!

Kitchener / Waterloo Ontario's Craftabulous - She sells some really unique items. My favourite are her 'Love Measures' earrings and pins. She uses various colours of seamstress measuring tapes to make these items, they would be so cute to give to friends who love to sew.

Hamilton Ontario's Adeline's Attic Vintage - This shop has amazing vintage pieces all organized by decade. A great shop for anyone who loves wearing vintage or who is needing costume pieces for an event or photo session.

St. Catharines Ontario's Bombshell Blooms - She creates gorgeous hair flowers that would be great for any occasion and I think would be especially nice for bridesmaids to wear!

My Online Local Shop - KO Two Designs - A shop full of handmade wedding creations.

Do you know of any fabulous local online shops? Let me know about them n the comments area below - or post a link to your own online shop in the comments! It will be great to have a directory of awesome local shops for people's personal and gift buying needs!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Wedding Was Featured On ... Emmaline

So excited! Our wedding was featured on Emmaline Bride.

Here is the link to the post on our wedding Rustic Real Wedding with DIY Charm.

They included many photos as well as all of the descriptions of various items / DIY projects below the photos at the bottom of the post!

Thanks Emmaline Bride!

Many of the items I created for my own wedding I now sell in my Etsy Shop for those planning a similar themed wedding!

Our Wedding Vendors:

Photography By Jenn and Dave Stark
Flower By Bella's Floral Boutique
Cake by Mill Street Cakes
Venue Balls Falls Conservation Area
Tissue Pom Pom Decorations by Bryar Strutt with Event Essentials
Catering by Diane and Dave Beasley

Friday, July 8, 2011

My Water Garden |

I really wanted to have a small water feature on our deck as I love the relaxing sound of trickling water.

I looked up a lot of different tutorials and ways of making a fountain but a lot of them looked a little to involved, required tools that I didn't have, and were overall a bit too complicated for me, I just wanted to keep it simple.

So I purchased this lovely green terracotta pot at a local garden centre, (I even waited to get it for 60% off!) It had a small hole in the bottom for drainage to I also bought a tube of silicon and simply put a piece of tape over the bottom of the pot where the hole was an filled it with silicon.

I then purchased a simple 100amp pond pump from Rona that came with two different fountain nozzles - Bell and Trumpet. (Any higher amp would be too much, but a 50amp might also work depending on the size of the pot you have).

We placed two bricks that we had around the house in the bottom of the pot to place the pump on to make it the right height.

I then found 'Water Lettuce' which is the plant inside the water garden, for very inexpensive at another local garden centre.

You could also put a few feeder fish/gold fish in your water feature, they not only make it look nice and add to its style, but they also eat any misquotes that may try to use your water garden as a hatchery.

It was a really simple project and now we have the water garden on our deck that is lovely to listen to as we eat dinner outside.

Total cost around $45.00

The Two Different Types of Nozzles:

"Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as the water from a fountain. Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible, nothing can surpass the fountain"
Lao-Tze, Ancient Chinese Philosopher

My New Favourite Guest Books

I came across these awesome fingerprint guestbooks in Bleu de Toi's shop on Etsy

They are so unique and are a great interactive and personal way to get your guests to 'sign' your guest book.

They make beautiful custom pieces of art to hang in your home as well!

And there are many different styles that would suit multiple events, not just weddings.

Plus, let's be honest, these guests books also serve the very practical purpose of getting your guest's true identity up front in case one of them gets a little too rowdy and breaks a few things, you will be covered as you will already have their finger prints on hand! hehe

The Balloons and Bicycle style would be great for a birthday party guest book.

Balloon & Bike Style

The "Just Married" Car would be so cute to use as a wedding guestbook:

The house with balloons coming out of the chimney would be great for a house warming party.

House Warming Party Style

The beautiful tree option would be great for a wedding guestbook or even an anniversary party:

Tree Style

My personal favourite is the Flying Pig style which I think would be really cute for a child's birthday party and would look really cute hanging in their bedroom afterwards:

Flying Pig Style

And I love the wreath idea as it would be great for a family reunion guestbook or to have at Christmas or another holiday for all the family to 'sign'.
You could even then make prints of the original copy to share with family so that everyone had a copy.

Wreath Style

Thanks for your awesome creations Bleu de Toi - Check out more on Bleu de Toi's Blog HERE

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Green With Envy...Over Emerald Earrings!

I am not usually the type of person to see a fashion item that I HAVE TO HAVE, but every time I see Kyle Richard's beautiful Emerald earrings on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills I just LOVE them!
She wears them with such grace and ease. I don't think I could pull off earrings of that size BUT I found a similar pair that are perfect for me in Designs by Jocelyn on Etsy.

This is the pair, I love the leaves and the wooden look to the gold surrounding the emeralds:

This pair of earrings is also a lot cheaper, at $28.00, than the Kyle Richard's pair that were made by Jennifer Miller. Her pair can be found HERE for $125.00 (A surprisingly low price!)

More Beautiful Emerald Finds:

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