Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Winter Walk In The Woods |

I realized that if I wanted to get some photos for our Christmas Cards that NOW was the time! We are away next weekend and the following weekend is already December (where every weekend has something going on!!).  Plus with Shutterfly is having a 50% off sale until Monday so I thought if I can get everything done now it would mean savings!

I had already found the location I wanted to use for the photos on a walk one day. There were a few beautiful birch trees and  a pine tree behind them. We have a love for Birch trees that started on our honeymoon. So we makeshift planned our outfits (grabbing one of MY tamoshanters for Aderyn to wear and my hubby and I just wore our black coats & jeans).

Since we didn't have a photographer my idea was to have my husband take a photo of me holding Aderyn by the tree (so that he could get her to look/smile) then I took a photo of Ben by himself leaning on the other side of the tree. I then patched the photos together, matching up the tree bark in the middle, so that it looked like we were all in one photo together! Hopefully no one will be able to tell (unless of course they read my blog post hehe)! 

 I didn't have high hopes for how they would turn out, but in the end they are nice and will work well for our Christmas card!

Now to pick and design our Christmas cards from the hundreds of options!!

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